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HyperPool is OpenSource project. It features:

  • TCP (HTTP/1.1, HTTPS, FTP, SMTP, POP3), UDP and SOCKS5 protocols support
  • group connection to Internet (proxy)
  • organization of the corporate web-server
  • organization of the corporate mail server
  • monitoring of the current connections
  • automatic files reloading if server connection was lost
  • reconnecting with the server in case of a receipt delay of the data
  • creation of sites copies with preservation of folders structure
  • monitoring and limitation of the sent and received traffic speed
  • log of the network connections
  • auto dialup to provider
  • priority setup for network streams
  • antivirus scan of incoming files "on the fly"
  • filtration of mailings
  • distinction of access for users, servers, work time, received content
  • remote control of the program

On the assignment HyperPool is a program–constructor from which elements it is possible to create network applications with a various level of functionality.

Thus the application can work as in the console, using a minimum of system resources, and in graphic performance, giving the convenient user interface.

This program is 100% pure Java, which makes possible work of the application on many popular operational systems. Program options are submitted in XML that allows to describe, in an accessible kind, entrance parameters for each element separately and the general configuration as a whole.

Open structure, easy interface, documentation and examples make this program a convenient tool for the development of various servers and client applications.

On functionality HyperPool is a network services management.

The program is intended for the organization of network streams work. It is constructed by a modular principle. The volume and a level of functionality, which optimum approaches to the set requirements, is defined by connection of the necessary plugins. Each of them contains the elements working with one network protocols, or expanding functionality of other plugin.

Basic elements of the program, services, consistently incorporate with each other and during work process streams of the data taking place through them. Each of services is used for performance of its individual role. It can be monitoring, limitation of the transmitted traffic speed and any other functions.

One more elements, selectors, allow to use, depending on the certain conditions, for data transmission this or that sequence of the services connected among themselves. For example, at connection of the client with the set name one sequence, and for other clients - another will be used.

Using various combinations of elements and changing values of their parameters, it is possible to make the whole set of variants for work with various network services.

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