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Part 1. User's manual

Part 2. Admin's manual



The whole material stated here can be considered as a tutorial, as a directory, and as a manual the use of network services management HyperPool.

This manual is intended as for usual Internet users who would like to use more opportunities for web-surfing, and for the network administrators requiring for simple and effective decisions for construction of the Intranet.

The original tutorial consists of two parts.

In the first part the following things are described: the basic receptions at work with the graphic program interface, rules that determine the use of basic program elements and principles of construction of working configurations.

In the second part examples of use of the program are resulted as a proxy-server for a local network, and also it is told, how it is possible to add already working Intranet-servers to new functionalities.

The manual contains the information allocated in the text by the following symbols:

This symbol specifies the note with the description of the certain feature of the program.

This symbol specifies section which contains the important information demanding special attention.

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